Avoid These Mistakes If You Want Your Ex Back

While some relationships can take more time to catch up, in many cases, men can get their ex back easily within a few days to a few weeks after breaking up with them.

However, the patch up time depends on the severity of the problem due to which both of you broke up.That is why you should have realistic expectations depending on your breakup case, and should remain patient throughout the process.

You can also significantly decrease the patch up time by eliminating all the mistakes which led to your breakup in the first place.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes you should avoid when reconciling with your girlfriend after a breakup.

Contact Them

Many people on the Internet will suggest you to use the no contact rule. In this role, you are advised to stop contacting your ex for around 1 to 2 months, and waiting for their response during this period. If you do not get response from your ex in this period, chances are that they have moved on, and so should you.

However, the no contact rule is misunderstood by many people. This rule only works on women which really love their men, and only need some time alone from them to realize how much they love them. But if you are looking to patch up with a womanyou spent very few time with, the no contact rule can actually push them away from you. In this case, you should actually contact them and see if they are still interested in starting the relationship again.

Never Beg Them For Forgiveness

You should never portray yourself as a desperate person. That is because being desperate is unattractive for women, and it can actually push them away from you. So, keep your self-respect in mind when trying to get back with your ex.