How to Try Acquiring a Medical Marijuana Card?

Some people think that the marijuana medical card is just a simple ticket for people looking to use the drug for recreational purposes, when in fact they are a very highly regulated part of the legitimate medical industry.

With all this news about medical marijuana and medical marijuana cards being circulated in the media, it can be difficult to really spread the word about what they are, what they do, and how they might actually apply to you.

Let’s find out what these are, what basic rights and legal protections they offer cardholders and how to get them if you qualify.

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Definition of medical marijuana cards

Think of these cards as state-issued ID cards that are closely monitored and regulated by the Department of Health in all 15 states and the District of Columbia where medical marijuana cards are officially approved by voters. States need to closely monitor patients, doctors, and dispensaries who participate in these “medical marijuana programs.” To do this effectively, they created an ID card system in which patients who have been approved by doctors to participate in programs are issued state ID cards that allow them to legally use the drug and access dispensaries where they can buy it. This helps regulate the industry.

What legal protection do you offer to medical marijuana cardholders?

As long as the cardholder has a valid card and complies with medical marijuana laws in their state, which vary slightly from state to state, they are protected from prosecution for possession of medical marijuana. Most states have even set up an electronic system for law enforcement to check the validity of the card so they don’t arrest a patient who makes a legitimate offer and is legally entitled to use this natural medicine. Patients with a medical marijuana card can carry, transport and use, and in many cases also grow medical cannabis for personal use; or the caregivers of your cards also have similar legal rights and remedies.

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Obtaining a medical marijuana card and why it matters

How can I get a medical marijuana card for If you have a medical condition that is associated with chronic symptoms, medical cannabis can offer you the relief you need. The only way to know for sure if this is possible is to see a qualified doctor and get tested today. Only a physician licensed in your state can recommend it for marijuana medical records. The only way to legally use this drug is to have a valid card in your state.